Battle for Aminuis and Otjinene intensifies

06 Oct 2014 16:00pm
AMINUIS, 06 OCT (NAMPA) - The battle for political dominion in the Omaheke Region has intensified in anticipation of the November 2014 National Assembly and Presidential elections, and the Regional Council elections next year.
The two political giants at Regional Council level – the Swapo-Party and the National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) - are set for a showdown at the polls as both attempt to flex their political muscles.
Swapo controls five constituencies in the Omaheke Region, while Nudo controls the remaining two constituencies.
It is at these two constituencies - Aminuis and Otjinene - where the parties are expected to go head-to-head.
Nudo is yet to lose an election in these two constituencies, which it has turned into its fortresses.
At Aminuis, however, Swapo has given the party a good run for its money in previous elections - most notably the last regional council election, where only 300 votes separated the two political giants.
Realising the potential for a possible upset over Nudo in Aminuis, Swapo intensified its election campaigns in the constituency, bringing the party’s president Hifikepunye Pohamba to Aminuis on at least two different occasions since the last regional council election.
Pohamba on Saturday held a star rally at Aminuis, where he implored the hundreds who turned up to ‘make a wise decision and vote Swapo’ in the upcoming elections.
“Swapo is the only party that has a proud history of service delivery to its citizens.
We have prioritised the areas of healthcare, education and infrastructural development in our bid to uplift the living conditions of the country's citizens,” he stated.
Swapo also roped in the leader of the Aminuis Development Foundation, Theo Ngaujake - who as an independent candidate came in third after Nudo and Swapo during the last regional council election - in a bid to strengthen its support base in the constituency.
Nudo has, on the other hand, spent most of its resources to ensure that the two constituencies over which it has administrative control in the Omaheke Region, remain under its leadership.
This appeared to have worked well for the party, especially at Otjinene, where it has proven too solid for the ruling party.
The recent Village Council election at Otjinene cemented Nudo's popularity in the constituency.
The party took three seats on the five-seat Village Council, with Swapo taking the remaining seats.
Of the 1 430 votes cast in the local authority election, Nudo received the lion’s share of 740 votes, compared to Swapo's 520 votes.
While it is relatively unlikely that Swapo could lose its hold on any of the constituencies under its control, if previous elections are anything to go by, the party may have to go an extra mile to topple Nudo from power at Aminuis and Otjinene.