Devil’s Lair @theFNCC

October 6, 2014, 2:28pm

Devil’s Lair

Screened in partnership with AfricAvenir

Wednesday, 8 October, 18h30 – Entrance N$ 20

Drama, directed by Riaan Hendricks, South Africa 2013, 82 min. Language: English

Ageing gangster Braaim is a drug dealer and the leader of the gang, The Nice Time Kids. In this “Cinéma vérité” style film, we dive deep into the constrictive, claustrophobic space of a Mitchell’s Plein gang leader whose plans for escaping a life of poverty have still not and probably never will, come to fruition.

L’Antre du Diable pose la question difficile des relations entre pauvreté, criminalité, violence et obligations familiales, à travers l’univers des gangs sud-africains et son personnage principal, un certain Braaim.