Oshakati Town Council fights mosquitoes

02 Oct 2014 17:10pm
OSHAKATI, 02 OCT (NAMPA) – The Oshakati Town Council will soon embark upon a mosquito elimination campaign by distributing treated bed nets to its residents and fumigating water bodies at the town.
Spokesperson of the council, Jackson Muma told Nampa on Thursday the campaign is aimed at providing mosquito bite relief to the residents, following numerous complaints about the increase of mosquitoes over the past months.
The council is carrying out the exercise with the assistance of the Ministry of Health and Social Service (MoHSS)’s Special Programme that has acquired 20 000 mosquito nets to be distributed to residents.
Muma pointed out that the distribution process will start with the registration of households on Monday, and the actual distribution is expected to commence on 13 October 2014.
“The Local Authority councillors will be at community centres in various locations to ensure that every household receives mosquito nets equivalent to the number of beds in each house,” he Muma explained.
The nets will be distributed free-of-charge and only for Oshakati residents.
He pointed out that the council has already started treating water bodies which are known as breeding grounds for mosquitoes.
The water bodies around the town will be treated by applying an insecticide which kills mosquito larvae.
“The said insecticide is environmentally-friendly and does not pose danger to the public health and environment,” said Muma.
The aim of the two initiatives, he said, is to prevent mosquito bites, to prevent further reproduction of the insects, and thus curb the malaria transmission.
The public is, however, urged not to use the nets for any other purpose apart from the intended one of protecting themselves from mosquito bites.