Kaapanda calls on youth to participate in ICT Summit

02 Oct 2014 16:30pm
WINDHOEK, 02 OCT (NAMPA) – Information and Communication Technology Minister Joel Kaapanda has called on all Namibian youth to participate in the first-ever National ICT Summit from 06 to 07 October here.
It will take place under the theme “ICT for Development or ‘ICT4D’”.
The minister made the call in the capital on Wednesday during a media briefing, saying the summit will provide the platform for innovators, young entrepreneurs and established information and communication technology (ICT) businesses to converge and share experiences, as well asexhibit and network to enhance the enabling role that ICT plays in socio-economic development.
Participants will focus on the use of ICT, its application and exploitation to promote economic development and social upliftment.
Kaapanda said the main aim of the summit is to attract young innovators to form part of the youth involvement component, which was not necessarily the case at previous ICT summits.
He stressed that the revolutionary potential of new ICT lies in the youth's capacities to instantaneously connect vast networks of individuals and organisations across great geographic distances at very little cost.
ICT has been a key enabler of globalisation, facilitating worldwide flows of information, capital, ideas, people and products.
ICTs have also transformed businesses, markets and organisations; revolutionised learning and knowledge-sharing; empowered citizens and communities; and created significant economic growth in many countries.
The summit programme features keynote presentations, high-level discussions, break-away sessions, workshops and extensive opportunities for effective networking.
It will create a platform for key local and international players in the ICT sector such as manufacturers, suppliers, intermediaries, service providers, maintenance companies, customers, regulators, branches of Government and consulting firms to exchange the latest information on technological improvements and developments.
The gathering is organised Telecom Namibia through the patronage of Kaapanda.
Over 1 100 participants are expected to attend the two-day summit, which is planned to take place annually.