12 Jul 2013 11:19

LABUAN, July 11 (Bernama) -- The Labuan Consumer Movement Council (LCMC) has urged consumers in the island to fully exercise their right, in view of unethical and errant food operators selling cooked food at exhorbitant prices.

Its president, Fauziah Mohd Din, said a survey found that there were operators who exploited the Ramadan bazaar as a platform to make a quick gain at the expense of consumers.

"We conducted a survey yesterday and were shocked to find some operators selling cooked food at higher prices than those in other food stalls. This is unfair to consumers.

"This is the Ramadan month but unfortunately, it has become a month of exploitation by many business communities. We have already been burdened with escalating prices of goods.

“From what we can see, most food operators who have been in the Ramadan bazaar business every year are waiting for Ramadan to make a quick gain or monetary gain, without considering the spirit of Ramadan," she told Bernama today.

She said some operators were selling curry puff at RM0.40 per piece and charged RM15 for seven roasted chicken wings, which she described as "ridiculous".

It is understood the local authorities of Labuan Corporation are unable to monitor or curb such unethical profiteering by unscrupulous food operators as there was no study before a permit was issued.

There are more than 100 food operators at the bazaar located in Labuan Walk.