The Motor Vehicle Accident fund

October 1, 2014, 10:53am

The Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (MVA)

The Motor Vehicle Accident Fund  (MVA) of Namibia is statutorily mandated to design, promote and implement crash and injury prevention measures. It provides assistance and benefits to all people injured and the dependants of those killed in motor vehicle crashes in accordance with the MVA Fund Act No.10 of 2007.


The Fund operates on a “no-fault” based system where all people injured in motor vehicle crashes, regardless of who caused the crash, receive fair and reasonable benefits (subject to some limitations and exclusions) - where payments are done in accordance with administrative law principles.


The Fund was established in 1991, in terms of Act 30 of 1990, shortly after independence, to compensate people injured in motor vehicle crashes or the dependants of people killed in such crashes. It was then a “fault- based” system where compensation was paid as a result of negligence or any other unlawful act on the part of the driver.

Strategic direction


The statement of purpose in the new Act establishes new responsibilities where the Fund now carries a strong mandate to contribute toward Namibia’s crash and injury prevention programmes. This new approach develops close collaboration with a wide range of government, community, medical and rehabilitation groups to ensure that Namibia’s roads are a safer place to drive.