Father faces son’s murder suspects in KHP

29 Sep 2014 16:50pm
KEETMANSHOOP, 29 SEP (NAMPA) – The anguished father of murdered Elton Riekert on Monday came face-to-face with the youngsters who allegedly took his son’s life over the past weekend.
Willie Riekert, 49, quietly looked on as suspects Lorensius Kooitjie, 21; Jamee Afrikaner, 20; Edmund Coetzee, 18; Brandon Jossop, 20; and Revival Kooitjie, 18, made a first appearance for murder in the Keetmanshoop Magistrate’s Court today.
Coetzee is a Grade Nine learner at the Keetmanshoop Junior Secondary School.
A sixth suspect fled the crime scene on Saturday, but turned himself in on Monday.
Outside court, the older Riekert said: “I feel sore, very hurt”.
He said he always dreaded the day his son would not return home after yet another night out with his friends.
Riekert said he was never happy with the company his son kept, and often warned the young man that his own friends would be the cause of his death.
After the 20-year-old Riekert left home with his friends on Friday evening, his parents left their front door unlocked, as they always do, to allow him to return.
“We are always alert when he goes out,” the father admitted.
At around 03h00 on Saturday morning, instead of his son at the door, it was the Namibian Police knocking.
“When I saw the police, I just saw the image of my son,” lamented Riekert.
He was at a loss for words at the level of violence inflicted upon his son.
The young Riekert was stabbed with a sharp object, struck with stones and assaulted with a panga all over his body, including his face.
“These days in Keetmanshoop, the lives of people are taken in the manner a sheep is slaughtered, a dog is butchered. He was beaten, stoned, damaged,” the father continued.
The incident happened near a bar in the Tseiblaagte residential area.
The Riekert family lives in the Ileni informal settlement, and plan to bury their son in Keetmanshoop next Saturday.
The case of the six suspects was postponed until 17 November 2014 for further investigations, and for the suspects to obtain legal aid.
They remain in custody.