Vita chief suspends councillors

29 Sep 2014 15:50pm
OPUWO, 29 SEP (NAMPA) – The chief of the Vita Royal House, Tjimbuare Thom on Thursday suspended four senior traditional councillors.
These officials were allegedly suspended after they raised certain issues with the chief.
They are Muhata Kapi, Mika Muhenje, Mutindi Muteze, Titus Muhenje and the secretary of the Vita Royal House, Ben Kapi.
Ben Kapi confirmed to Nampa on Monday that some leaders had been suspended, but did not want to elaborate and only said a meeting will be held this coming Wednesday to look into the suspensions and other problems of the traditional authority.
A source close to the issue told Nampa today that the councillors who were suspended all signed a letter, which was handed over to Thom.
In the letter dated 23 September this year, they allegedly complained to the chief about his ‘inactiveness’, and for taking decisions in isolation.
The councillors further complained that Thom had never sat in the office of the Traditional Authority, and that he had incorporated advisers from other traditional authorities, who write letters to different ministries on behalf of the Vita Royal House without the senior councillors’ knowledge.
The Special Advisor to the Governor of the Kunene Region, Kenatjironga Muharukua was implicated as the one advising Thom.
Approached for comment, Muharukua said he had received a letter from the Vita Royal House, stating that he should not interfere in matters of the Vita Royal House
Failure to do so would result in him facing criminal charges, it was stated.
Thom became chief of the Vita Royal House in 2010 after his brother, Chief John Kapuka Thom, passed away in 2009.
The chief could not be reached for comment on what led to the suspensions.