DTA launches its manifesto

27 Sep 2014 18:50pm
WINDHOEK, 27 SEP (NAMPA) – The DTA of Namibia on Saturday launched its Election Manifesto for the 2014 Presidential and National Assembly Elections.
DTA president McHenry Venaani said during the event that the manifesto contains fresh ideas on how their party will transform the country once elected into power.
He noted that the manifesto will be introduced countrywide, saying that once elected as Namibian president he will be a transformational leader and will bring efficiency to the government of Namibia.
Venaani stressed that education shall receive serious priority, and his party will implement free education from pre-primary through to tertiary education level.
The DTA will set up massive open learning online courses to cater for everybody in the country, especially housewives, and envisages to give solar laptops to learners for them to become information technology (IT) competitive.
“We will establish a law that every child younger than 16 years should be in an education facility. Young children should be given an opportunity to access higher education,” Venaani said.
The manifesto further states that education is the most powerful tool for the advancement of the nation and the most potent weapon to fight poverty.
Education needs to be revitalised and reorganised to make future generations are proud of their culture, heritage and history and also for creating confidence in the vitality of Namibia, read the manifesto.
The DTA promised to raise the standard of education and research so that Namibian universities become at par with top global universities.