No poor health services under Swanu: Maamberua

27 Sep 2014 14:40pm
OTJIWARONGO, 27 SEP (NAMPA) – Swanu of Namibia president Usutuaije Maamberua on Friday accused the Otjiwarongo State Hospital of delivering poor health services to the nation.
Speaking during a general party meeting here, he told members of his political party present that the poor health service delivery by the Otjiwarongo State Hospital and other clinics here will come to an end once his party is voted into power.
The 2014 Swanu Election Manifesto stipulates how the party will turn around all social injustices in the country, disunity in communities and inequality of wealth and land distribution in the country.
“Our Election Manifesto is clear and has practical solutions to all the social injustice our people are faced with. It is the only manifesto that reflects the socio-economic problems of this nation together with solutions,” Maamberua said.
The party launched a 31-page Election Manifesto in July this year in Windhoek.
Maamberua accused nurses at that hospital of having abandoned some pregnant women at some point, resulting in them delivering their babies on the hospital floors and in toilets.
He did, however, not provide any specific incident of that nature.
Maamberua then distributed hundreds of Swanu-Party 2014 Election Manifesto copies to his supporters, who cheered him on in the background.
He is his party’s candidate for the presidential seat.
Namibians above 18 years are expected to vote for their new Head of State and 96 members of the National Assembly in November this year.
Meanwhile, Swanu will celebrate its 55 anniversary at Okakarara on Saturday afternoon.