The Power Stone showing @FNCC

September 24, 2014, 8:40am

The Power Stone

Screened as part of the Namibia Heritage Week

Wednesday, 24 September, 18h30 – Entrance N$ 20

Documentary, directed by Andrew Botelle & Kelly Kowalski, Namibia 1999, 53 min. Language: English

The Power Stone, like the flag of a nation, represents the Kwanyama kingdom, part of present day northern Namibia and southern Angola. The stone was protected by appointed guardians close to the king for hundreds of years. In 1917 the last king fell at the hands of the Portuguese and British invaders, and mysteriously the stone disappeared. Found in a Finnish museum nearly 80 years later, the stone was returned with Namibia's independence.

Followed by Q&A with representatives of the Namibia Heritage Week.

The Power Stone, où l’histoire mythique d’une pierre de pouvoir secrètement gardée depuis des générations au royaume Kwanyama, volée pendant la colonisation, puis restaurée au peuple namibien.