Booming construction industry means more factories for Rundu

23 Sep 2014 15:50pm
RUNDU, 23 SEP (NAMPA) - The construction industry is booming at Rundu in the Kavango East Region, and more factories are thus opening up at this town.
The latest factories to open here, and which have created much-needed employment, produce zinc sheets and pipes.
The zinc-sheet factory is a Chinese-owned business initiative, which started operating at Rundu some two months ago.
It caters for construction companies and homeowners alike.
Named ‘Keen Roofsheet Investment Company’, it manufactures corrugated zinc sheets by using two machines procured in China.
One of the company’s shareholders, Meng Jiangliang, told Nampa on Tuesday that they have invested more than N.dollars 6 million to get the factory up and running.
Meng said the factory has created employment for over 50 local people, who will also gain skills on how to manufacture the sheets.
He said they decided to open a roof zinc-manufacturing business here because of the town’s proximity to Zambia and Angola, the latter a country which is undergoing massive reconstruction and which thus has a high demand for zinc.
The opening of the factory also means transportation costs for inhabitants of the Kavango East and West regions in need of such materials will be reduced, as they now no longer need to travel long distances to other towns to purchase zinc sheets.
The other factory which has opened its doors at Rundu is ‘Kavango Pipes’, which manufactures different types of pipes for the construction industry, ranging from pressure pipes to electrical, borehole and plumbing pipes.
The factory, which opened its doors some three months ago, has generated employment for 40 locals, who are full-time employees.
Kavango Pipes was established bywell known Rundu-based businessman Willem Vermeulen, and is expected to be officially opened by Deputy Prime Minister Marco Hausiku next Monday.