Drought relief programme extended in Kunene

23 Sep 2014 09:30am
OPUWO, 23 SEP (NAMPA) – The Kunene Regional Council has received 25 000 bags of maize meal as part of the drought relief food programme’s extension in the region.
Mbeumuna Muhuka, the personal assistant to Kunene Regional Governor Joshua //Hoebeb, confirmed on Monday that the supply of 12,5 kilogramme bags of maize meal was delivered to a warehouse at Opuwo last week.
“The continuation of the drought relief food distribution in the Kunene Region was requested by the Office of the Governor after clear indications that the drought situation has not changed because of the poor rainfalls received in the region,” Muhuka noted.
The Kunene Regional Council’s Deputy Director of Rural Development, Jeremiah Kavaa told Nampa on Monday that teams will be sent to all seven constituencies in the region to register vulnerable community members eligible to receive the drought relief.
He, however, stated that the 25 000 bags of maize meal will not be enough to cater for everyone who is in need, given the high number of potential beneficiaries. Earlier this year, about 90 000 people were registered as drought relief beneficiaries in the region, which is a slightly higher number than the population of the whole Kunene region.
As per the 2011 census, the total population of the Kunene region is supposed to be 88 300.
Preference will be given to lactating mothers, pregnant women, children younger than five, pensioners and disabled and other vulnerable people.
Only five vehicles are currently available for the registration process, while at least 23 vehicles are needed for both the registration and distribution processes.