NFA presents trophy to Telecom

18 Sep 2014 16:00

Namibia Football Association President, John Muinjo presented the African Women’s championship Trophy to the championship’s sponsor, Telecom Namibia earlier today.
The trophy is for the TN Mobile African Women Championship to be held in Namibia from the 11th to 25 October.
Speaking at the ceremony Muinjo said he is grateful to Telecom for going out of its way to invest millions in helping the tournament to be successful.
“I am happy and I want to thank TN Mobile because without them this tournament wouldn’t go on. I really appreciate the effort and moving forward you (Telecom) must become NFA’s partners and maybe even host a bigger tournament than this one. There are shortcomings but we will deal with these shortcomings and from the looks of things all Namibians are behind us,” he said.
Telecom Namibia's Chief Mobile Officer Armando Perny who received the trophy on behalf of the Managing Director Frans Ndoroma said their sponsorship is not a coincidence but a deliberately investment.
“We should rise above our differences and respond to the calling of the nation. We are not only funding but we will make sure that whoever is coming here will have a global experience because we are going to have 4G connectivity all the way from the airport to the stadium it’s going to be an amazing experience. We also thank NFA for bring this tournament to Namibia,” he said.