Nam, Angola sign CUVECOM agreement

September 18, 2014, 10:11am

Nam, Angola sign CUVECOM agreement

On Tuesday, the Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, John Mutorwa and his counterpart the Minister of Energy and Water, João Baptista Borges, signed the agreement for the establishment of CUVECOM.

The agreement is aimed at advising respective government on matters relating to the equitable, judicious and reasonable utilisation, sustainable development and efficient management of the water resource of the Cuvelai Watercourse as a jointly managed commodity, for the two sovereign riparian states, all their citizens, residents and investors in both countries.

“This joint collaboration, with regard to the development and management of our shared water resources, could significantly contribute towards the maintence of peace, security, welfare, mutual benefits and prosperity of citizens,” said Mutorwa at the ceremony.

Mutorwa said as a shared resource, it must always be managed judiciously and prudently to give and sustain life on planet earth.

He said Namibia and Angola’s history of cooperation, in different social, economic, political, diplomatic areas, comes a long way.

“The establishment of the CUVECOM is yet another constructive and progressive way to strengthen our mutual cooperation,” he said.

He said water is and will most certainly remain the solid binding unifying factor between many countries of the world.

“These waters clearly define our various economic activities, which include among others, agriculture, forestry, mining, hydropower, manufacturing and tourism,” further stated the agricultute minister.

Mutorwa used the opportunity to urge respective technical experts to fully and truthfully implement the agreement jointly and as stipulated.

On his part Borges said Namibia and Angola have a common vision for their people.

“We are aware that challenges may arise in the future in implementing this programme, but I am sure that both countries will be able to overcome these challenges,” he said.

Borges said Namibia is a strategic partner for Angola and “it is important to have a partner that will benefit the livelihood of the people living in both countries.”

Namibia’s shared water resources span from Okavango and the Zambezi Watercourses in the east, the Cuvelai Watercourses in the centre and the Kunene Watercourse in the west.

The Cuvelai drainage system originates in Angola and spread across the flat pains in Namibia, resulting in shallow passing watercourses.

Courtesy of the New Era