More land needed for investors: Tweya

16 Sep 2014 08:40am
FOSHAN CITY, 16 SEP (NAMPA) - More land is needed for investors if Namibia is to become an industrialised nation like China.
This was the view of Trade and Industry Deputy Minister Tjekero Tweya during his visit to the Fenglu Aluminium factory in Foshan City of the Changeng District on Friday.
He visited the aluminium factory together with over 10 Namibian business people who were on a week-long tour to China.
Tweya told this agency that if the industrialisation process is to be implemented successfully in Namibia, land needs to be made available where factories similar to this aluminium factory could be built.
He explained that Namibia needs to avail land where hospitals and schools for children of investors.
“If we do not make land available for investors, they will not come, and then we should stay with our undeveloped land and forget about industrialisation,” the deputy minister stressed.
Tweya furthermore indicated that there is a need to strike a balance between what the country wants to achieve, and what it can offer for the purposes of development.
After being visibly impressed with the Chinese aluminium factory, he said it is a typical example in terms of providing jobs and growing the country’s economy.
“We must balance our policies in terms of land reforms, what we can reserve for Namibians for the purpose of industrialization,” added the deputy minister.
According to him, China is today able to command the world’s economy because it is flexible in its policies, and continues to avail land for development.
Namibian industries can thus only grow and develop by implementing lessons learnt from Chinese factories.
The Fenglu Aluminium Factory is in cooperation with the Science and Technology Universities of Beijing and several other technology institutes in China.
The factory is also involved in different kinds of industrial research, especially on how to transform raw materials to finished products.
The Fenglu factory is widely recognized both in China and globally as one of the leading aluminium industry players in the world, with its plant covering over 900 000 square metres of land.
It furthermore co-operates with 500 companies around the world, and in early 2005 were awarded the ‘China aerospace aluminium special exclusive supplier’ title, thereby becoming China’s aerospace business partner and assisting in the Shenzhou rocket launch.
Meanwhile, Tweya and his business delegation also visited factories where vehicles and motor-cycle containers are manufactured in Jiangmen City within Guangdong province.
The Namibian delegation’s trip to China concluded on Saturday.