Gobabis school boys print fake bank notes

14 Sep 2014 13:00pm
GOBABIS, 14 SEP (NAMPA) - The Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in the Omaheke Region is investigating a case of forgery and uttering against a group of four school children who are alleged to have produced counterfeit bank notes.
The learners are from Epako Secondary School, Wennie Du Plessies High School and Gymnasium High School in Gobabis.
The juveniles, ranging between 14 and 16 years of age, are said to have used a colour printer to produce the fake bank notes in N.collars 50 and N.dollars 100 denominations last week.
According to police records, the boys managed to produce fake notes worth N.dollars 2,800 before their scheme came to light. Other than a few security features, the notes looked overly genuine, police said.
NamPol Regional Crime Coordinator for the Omaheke Region, Deputy Commissioner Chris Kalimbula told Nampa on Sunday that the boys used a colour printer to photocopy real bank notes onto normal bond paper.
They then cut up the copies and glued them neatly together to produce the fake bank notes. The boys are said to have used the fake money to purchase liquor at an outlet in Epako on Thursday.
Their scheme was however short-lived after one of the boys attempted to use the fake money to buy from a school kiosk at Wennie Du Plessies High School the next day. He was caught out by those operating the kiosk.
Although all four boys were initially taken in for questioning, they have since been released into the care of their parents while investigations go on. They are yet to be charged for the crimes.
“While we know for a fact that the money produced is indeed fake, we nonetheless had to send it to the Bank of Namibia for formal evaluation as per the set procedures. Once we get a formal report on it, then the learners will be arrested and formally charged,” Kalimbula explained.
He noted that a second charge of uttering is likely to be added to the forgery charge, as the boys presented the fake money knowingly as if it were real money when doing the purchasing.
The Regional Crime Coordinator assured residents that there is no risk of counterfeit money in circulation following the incident.
“We have confiscated all the counterfeit notes. Be assured that there are no fake notes in circulation. However, it will also be wise to make sure of the quality of the bank notes you receive when making a purchase to avoid any problems,” he said.