China's Foshan City keen to trade with Namibia

13 Sep 2014 16:40pm
FOSHAN CITY, 13 SEP (NAMPA) - The Deputy Director-General of the Bureau of Commerce of Foshan City in China, Wang Zheng has expressed a strong desire to pursue the forging of closer ties between Namibia and Foshan City, especially in the area of import and export trading.
Speaking during a meeting between the Namibian business delegation and business people from Foshan City in Chanceng District on Friday, Wang said over the past 30 years, Foshan city’s connection and cooperation with Africa has been very good.
He said last year, the city’s import and export relation with Africa was worth US.dollars 7.5 billion, while its trade volume with Namibia - from January to July this year – generated almost US.dollars 10 million.
“This figure shows that the city has a lot of potential for further co-operation with Namibia. Through further co-operation in import and exporting trading, Namibia stands to gain in order to raise its economy to greater heights,” Wang said.
The Foshan City Bureau of Commerce deputy director-general stressed that he wants to see continuing co-operation between his city and Namibia in the area of investment.
Noting that the Foshan local government has always encouraged its enterprises to go overseas and invest in other countries, Wang extended an invitation for Namibian enterprises to invest in Foshan City.
Foshan City currently runs 15 investment projects in Namibia, and more enterprises from that city are likely to invest further in Namibia in the near future.
At the same occasion, Trade and Industry Deputy Minister Tjekero Tweya called on China to join Namibia in the quest to develop and reach some measure of economic prosperity.
Tweya told the Chinese business people that Namibia is blessed with mineral resources such as gold, diamonds and uranium, and he thus called on more Chinese companies to invest in such strategic resources and add value to the Namibian products.
“Go to Namibia, we have raw materials and you have the skills. Let’s manufacture in Namibia and bring finished products to China,” he said.
Tweya however cautioned that although Namibia is blessed with natural resources, the country is not desperate to get into joint ventures to exploit the resources at the expense of the Namibian people and respect for the country’s laws.
He nevertheless extended an invitation to the Chinese business people to visit Namibia to see the investment opportunities in the country.