Omaruru entrepreneurs unhappy with business premises

12 Sep 2014 14:10pm
OMARURU, 12 SEP (NAMPA) – Entrepreneurs selling their products at the business premises near Ellerines in Omaruru are threatening to stop paying rent as they say there are no toilets or water facilities available to them.
Four of the entrepreneurs who spoke to Nampa at the town on Tuesday said they have previously asked the municipality for taps and toilets for themselves and their customers, and are planning to do so again.
“We use the bushes to relieve ourselves and our customers are forced to go to the bush, which is not good for our businesses image. There are no toilets or taps close by, we are really suffering,” barber Abel Hauwanga said.
He noted that they sometimes make use of the bathrooms inside Ellerines, but in most cases they use the bushes when nature calls.
The four say when they complained to the municipality they were told to “wait”, but are now threatening to withhold the fees they pay for the rented spaces at the end of the year if such service is not provided.
The entrepreneurs are required to renew their lease contracts with N.dollars 100 every year.
“Toilets are easy to build. They can just erect two for us here and we will be happy,” Hauwanga stated.
The eight entrepreneurs who operate from the business premises own barber shops and sell various items such as sunglasses, belts, earrings, clothing, wallets and kapana (roasted meat).
Joseph Lazarus, who previously sold clothes next to a business owner who sells kapana, complained that the businesses should be separated so those with similar interests are located in the same area. He said in his case, the smoke from the barbeque ruined his clothes and customers lost interest in what he has to offer.
“I don’t sell clothes any more. I abandoned it because of barbeque smoke,” Lazarus stated.
They also complained that the market is not safe because it is just an open area without lockable stalls or rooms.
“We just want a better place, something with lockable doors where we can leave our stuff when we go home. Now we have to pay someone else to accommodate out goods at night,” said Viega Shipahu.
Approached for comment on Friday, the acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Omaruru Town Council, Penda Nghaamwa said the municipality is busy preparing to install taps and erect toilets at the premises “very soon”.
“They were already informed that we will erect toilets and taps there in the near future. I cannot say how many toilets will be put up right now, but it will be done,” he said.
Nghaamwa could not answer any further questions on lockable stalls or the separation of businesses at the premises, saying the premises “do not belong to the entrepreneurs but to someone else”.