Ueitele backs community radio project

09 Sep 2014 14:40pm
GOBABIS, 09 SEP (NAMPA) - The Governor of the Omaheke Region, Festus Ueitele has given his blessings to a community radio station for the region which is expected to be operational by January 2015.
Aptly called Omaheke Radio, the radio station aims to close the communication gap that is often experienced as far as news at grassroots level is concerned.
Officiating at a ceremony to award certificates to the first group of trainees who completed radio production training on Friday, Ueitele said his office stands fully behind the initiative.
The regional governor said Omaheke Radio will serve as a vital tool in the dissemination of news to ordinary community members, and could also be used as an advocacy tool to address poverty at grassroots level.
“Our region is plagued by many challenges, one of them poverty. We need to find ways to tackle the scourge of poverty, and the envisaged community radio station will serve as a voice for the voiceless community members,” he said.
Levi Katire, who is the initiator of the community radio project, on Friday said the project has been training young and energetic youth from the Omaheke Region to become either producers or presenters on the radio once the project kicks off.
They are expected to keep the station’s programming afloat during its formative stages, before more staff can be added.
Katire teamed up with various role players in the media, youth and governance sectors to drive the project.
He revived the idea of a community radio station in the Omaheke Region after earlier efforts some 10 years ago to set one up failed.
Katire collaborated with some of those who led the initial efforts to establish the community radio station to form a strong Board for the initiative. Most prominent among those who had pioneered the idea for community radio in the past is Operi Murangi of the Ounongo Technology Centre, who will lead the renewed campaign towards the establishment of Omaheke Radio alongside Katire.
The rest of the Board members, who avail their services on a voluntary basis, are drawn from prominent community structures within the Omaheke Region.
They are selected based on their individual knowledge and expertise on relevant aspects pertaining to the running of community radio.