Sewerage pond fish sold at northern towns

09 Sep 2014 14:00pm
OSHAKATI, 09 SEP (NAMPA) – Oshakati Town Council officials, with the help of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol), confiscated contaminated fish which was being sold at the town’s Omatala Open Market on Monday.
The fresh fish is reportedly from one of the town’s sewerage ponds in Oshakati East, and has been declared unfit for human consumption.
It was said to belong to a known resident of Oshakati West, who has allegedly acquired agents to sell it at the open markets in Oshakati, Ongwediva, Ondangwa and Oshikango.
The spokesperson of the Oshakati Town Council, Jackson Muma told Nampa in an interview on Monday afternoon that nobody has been arrested in connection with the confiscated fish.
“We have picked up unconfirmed reports that the owner transports the fish with a white pick-up to various places for market, and another rumour has it that similar fish have been smuggled into neighbouring Angola through Oshikango,” he said.
Muma stated further that an investigation to determine the exact identity of the owner and all those who are involved in the scam is already underway.
“A criminal case is to be opened against the culprits, because they have trespassed by entering the pond without authorization and at the same time they vandalized the pond fence,” he explained.
It is believed that the culprits fish at night for the fish to be on the market in the early morning hours the next day.
They also do not tell the customers that the fish come from a sewerage pond.
“The town council is cautioning the public to refrain from buying these fish, as they are unhygienic, unhealthy and unfit for human consumption,” Muma said.
Senior health inspector of the Oshakati Town, Kornelius Kapolo told this news agency the high number of confiscated fish shows that considerable manpower was involved in the fishing.
The two town council officials revealed that several nets, which are suspected to have been used to catch the fish, were also retrieved from the house of the suspected owner of the fish on Monday morning.