FreeyourMind, “University of Comedy” show

September 9, 2014, 9:49am

FreeyourMind, “University of Comedy” show

FreeYourMind! Entertainment hosted yet another successful show this past Thursday  04 September Courage the comedian was the man of the night as he did an astounding and hilarious one man show, which took place at the Warehouse theatre.

The show themed ‘University of Comedy’ based on Courage giving a public lecture on the history of his academic life. The sow was opened by one of the best Kwaito sensations Mushe, who unlashed his new album THE TRUTH OF CHAPTER 4”. He gave the crowd a bargain for their money and set the mood going for the show

Chiro opened for courage with a bang, as he had a great comic set. Chiro did a comparison of him and the man of the night Courage the comedian who apparently has no Degree but was supposed to be the lecturer for the night, neither did courage have a driver`s license be he owned a car.

Also chiro went on to show his twerking skills, and kept the crowd in stiches. After Chiro it was the time for Courage to take charge and lecture the crowd. He took the crowd down memory lane to when they were still in Pre-school, upper primary school, a guy’s first crush , how they mess with your mind and make you do things  and went on to describe when guys had their first fight, which probably they lost and never admitted to losing.

The highlight of the night was when Courage noticed Dillish Mathews in the crowd. He said Nigerians were saying they had no competition against Dilish as she was half Namibian half Brazilian, in reference to the long Brazilian hair. He concluded the show by saying the big Brother Hotshots which was supposed to kick off on Sunday was reduces into Big Brother “Hot Ashes”, after he BBA house was engulfed in a firewater.

Catch FreeYourMind! standup comedy on the 27th of September at the ONGWEDIVA WOMEN CENTRE, and also at the Hilton Hotel Kalar Bar every last Friday of the month , and also at Warehouse every first Thursday of each month.


COURAGE, is a fun loving easy going shy guy who is very courageous. Born on the 15th of July 1990 is the first born of three children. Courage uses his life experiences and observations to crack your ribs till u tap out! Courage discovered his ability to make people laugh when he constantly made remarks in class which the “cool” kids said out loud and got laughs. Courage had his mind set on being a commercial Dj until he met a boy (now a man) called Keith Nkosi who told him he was funny and he could really make it, and with the help of FREE YOUR MIND, he soon forgot about his DJING for it was priceless seeing how a laugh can make the world a better place. Courage is an easy going comedian who dwells mostly on his life experiences and current situations to make people laugh, and you better be guaranteed he is going to mention something about Zimbabwe because well he is from there.