Top four cricket associates to play in African cup

05 Sep 2014 09:00


The Africa Cricket Association (ACA) has confirmed that the Top four African associates will be competing against the two full members in the Africa Cup 2014.
 Kenya, Namibia, Uganda and Tanzania, as the top four cricketing Associate countries will compete against Zimbabwe emerging and South Africa emerging teams in a round robin tournament to be played in Johannesburg at Sahara Park Willowmoore.
 The teams will compete over five days playing 5 limited overs matches.
These matches will determine the winner of the Africa Cup 2014. 
 Cassim Suliman the CEO of African Cricket Association said, “I am envisaging that this will become a annual event. It is hoped that we can grow it into tournament where the best African cricketers are competing against each other on equal terms,” said Suliman.
Sulima also said, “As we all know, it is only through the furnace of fierce competition that we can temper the talents of our cricketers. The recent win by the Zimbabwe National team against Australia (ranked #1 in ODI’s) has proved this,” he said.
 The ACA have also announced the squads to participate in this competition:
 1.      Zimbabwe Invitation XI
2.      South Africa Invitation XI
3.      Uganda
4.      Kenya
5.      Tanzania
6.      Namibia