Parties display political maturity in Otjinene election - ECN

30 Aug 2014 11:00am
OTJINENE, 30 AUG (NAMPA) - The Director of Elections, Professor Paul Isaak has commended political parties that contested the just-ended Otjinene local authority election for displaying a high level of political tolerance and maturity during the entire election period.
Speaking shortly before the announcement of the final election results on Friday, Isaak said the peaceful manner in which the political parties conducted themselves allowed the election process to go ahead without any form of intimidation or harassment between the supporters of the competing parties.
Isaak said the people of Otjinene demonstrated their political maturity by electing their representatives on the new village council in peace.
“Otjinene will indeed be used as a model for future elections due to the high level of political maturity displayed here. We are pleased to have conducted the election in this place and we look forward to further elections here,” he said.
Isaak said the use of the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) has once again proven to be successful in ensuring a fuss-free election process.
He said Otjinene residents have also demonstrated extensive knowledge about the operation of the EVMs, which is a positive consideration for future elections at the village.
“The people of Otjinene have embraced the EVMs, which makes us confident that future elections here will attain an even higher degree of success with the utilisation of the EVMs,' he said.
Four political parties – the Swapo Party, DTA of Namibia, National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) and Swanu of Namibia took part in the election.
Nudo won three seats on the new village council, with the Swapo party coming in a close second with two seats.
DTA of Namibia and Swanu failed to make the quota for the allocation of seats.
A total number of 1,430 votes were cast in the local authority election. Nudo received 720 votes, while Swapo got 520 votes.
The DTA and Swanu only managed 124 and 46 votes respectively.
The elections were necessitated by Otjinene's proclamation as a village council in 2011.