Measles compaign in Kunene a resounding success

29 Aug 2014 12:10pm
OPUWO, 29 AUG (NAMPA) - The Kunene Health Directorate has recorded above 120 per cent coverage in the just ended-measles campaign in the Kunene Region.
The Director of Health for the Kunene Region, Thomas Shaapumba told Nampa on Thursday that he was very happy with the outcome of the campaign.
He attributed the success of the campaign to the good mobilisation work done by health workers, traditional leaders and political leaders in the region, as they helped in distributing much of the information about the immunisation campaign.
“For the coverage to go beyond the targeted number is a clear indication that the community of Kunene wants to be healthy and are serious about the health of their families,” said Shapumba.
Shapumba said the communities in the Kunene Region understand the importance of being healthy and are aware of their own health needs.
He added that the number of children who have been immunised might even have increased due to an influx of people from other regions and there is a possibility that there are also children who moved into the region from Angola.
The targeted numbers were 1,100 for children from six to 11 months old, but the actual coverage was for 1,318 children, which represents 119 per cent coverage.
For the target group from 12 months to four years, the target was 9,571 children and the actual coverage during the campaign up to Wednesday was 9,427 children which represent a 94 per cent success rate.
The other target group was for children from five years old to age 15. Here the target was 16,051 children, but the actual coverage was 17,099 which represented 106 per cent.
The number of the children who were immunised against measles is expected to increase as teams were still coming in with additional success figures from the different areas on Friday – the final day of the campaign.