CoW truck commissioning: Speech by the Cow CEO Niilo Taapopi

August 27, 2014, 2:15pm

Speech by CoW CEO Mr Niilo Taapopi

The speech was read by Mr Benny Muenje on Mr Taapopi's behalf

Good Morning,


I am honored this morning to welcome you all to this auspicious event which marks the commissioning of the household refuse removal trucks. I am particularly excited in view of the fact that the positive development we celebrate today is consistent with the service delivery mandate of the City.


The City of Windhoek, in particular, the Solid Waste Management (SWM) division has the legislative duty and obligation to administer waste management as stipulated in the Local Authority Act, Act 23 of 1992. Part of this responsibility includes the implementation of appropriate waste management systems, which are affordable and serve the needs of the residents.


The City of Windhoek is a dynamic organisation where continual efforts are made to improve the operations and service delivery to its valued customers and towards sustainable development and environmental conservation.



Today marks an important milestone in the improvement of the waste management function for the City of Windhoek. I am privileged to welcome you to this ceremony which will see the commissioning of the Household Refuse Removal Trucks.


The City of Windhoek has over the years demonstrated its commitment towards maintaining a clean environment in line with its status of being regarded as a very clean city, a status which the residents of Windhoek carry proudly and seek to protect.


I would like to first of all welcome, Her Worship the Mayor of the City of Windhoek, Councillor Agnes Kafula and the Councillors of the City of Windhoek.  Your presence represents the political will in matters pertaining to the cleanliness of our environment and its effect on the wellbeing of our residents.


I also welcome the Private sector in the presence of M+Z Motors Commercial Vehicles, Mr Hendrik Venter and your partners here present, TFM Holding and Hydraulic Repairs. The City recognises you as a valuable partner and your presence indicates that you are equally committed to sustainable waste management practices.


Members of the media, Welcome to this event.  Your coverage of this event will ensure that the message of Waste Management is spread to all corners of this country.


Officials and the City, ladies and gentlemen, Welcome


Director of Ceremonies,


Indeed, matters of Solid Waste Management are critical to the functionality of any local authority and fleet is one of the vital resources that ensure effective execution of waste removal operations in the City. This occasion aptly demonstrates that Council is seriously focusing on matters of service delivery; with the view to positively impact on the livelihoods of our residents.


Speech by the CoW CEO Niilo Taapopi

The speech was read by Mr Benny Muenje on the CEO's behalf 

Ladies and Gentlemen,

With the expansion of the City and the continual urban population growth, there has been a significant increase in municipal solid waste over the years.  The City however remains committed to make the necessary adjustments to ensure that the level of cleanliness in the City is maintained.


With these few remarks, I welcome you once again to this historic event.