Mutorwa Commends Mahangu Farmers

25 Aug 2014 16:00

The Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry (MAWF) John Mutorwa has commended Mahangu

farmers in the northern part of the country for their improved Mahangu yields despite the drought

in 2013.

He made these comments at the annual Mahangu Festival “Oshipe” held in Omuthiya on Saturday.

The event is meant to showcase and award the top farmers in the 8 Mahangu producing regions in


“In celebrating the Mahangu Festival and awarding Mahangu winners, we are sending a clear, strong

and direct message to Namibian farmers especially the Mahangu producers that: their hard work is

appreciated” Mutorwa said.

Since the inception of the Mahangu Festival in 2009, this event has been hosted in the region, where

the National Grand Mahangu Champion is based. This year the winner was Mr Phineas Nambandi

from the Oshikoto region.

The Minister further stated his ministries commitment to increase food production to ensure

national and household food security. As a result the Ministry is implementing the Rain Fed Crop

Production Program (RFCPP). This program is aimed at supporting crop producers in the communal

areas that are growing Mahangu and other crops under rain fed conditions. The program will

provide subsidized services such as poughing, weeding, ripping, planting and fertilizer application.

The program will also provide improved pearl millet, sorghum, maize and cowpea seeds and

fertilizers that farmers can access through the local Agricultural Development Centres.

“I would like to urge and encourage all interested farmers, to make use of these services, that are

rendered by the Ministry through the Rain Fed Crop Production Program” Mutorwa said.