Swanu launches bid for Otjinene

23 Aug 2014 10:10am
OTJINENE, 23 AUG (NAMPA) - Swanu of Namibia made its bid for the Otjinene local authority elections known on Tuesday when it introduced its candidates for the newly proclaimed town's local authority seats.
Swanu president Usutuaije Maamberua officially unveiled the list of five candidates who will go head-to-head with other political parties' candidates to contest the five seats on the Otjinene Town Council.
The list is made up of community activists and volunteers who are all based in Otjinene, and consists of three women and two men. The women on the list are Edla Mieze, who volunteers her services to programmes dealing with the plight of the San people, Magreth Mujoro and Jaqueline Mbamanovandu - both community volunteers in various structures.
The male candidates are Jerobeam Hengombe, a community volunteer with the Ministry of Health and Social Services and Levi Hiakaere, a community youth activist.
Addressing party members and supporters of what is Namibia's oldest political party at Otjinene on Tuesday, Maamberua said his party advocates for radical improvements in the fields of education, land distribution and agriculture in order to bring meaningful change to the lives of the people of the town.
He said agriculture has the power to not only sustain a nation, but also to eradicate poverty and hunger through food security.
“Agriculture is a sector that has been slightly overlooked. We need to harness its full potential as the sector has the power to eradicate poverty,” he said.
The Swanu president noted that the candidates were selected based on the work they have been doing within the community, and their election into the vacant town council seats will merely be an extension of the work they have already been carrying out.
He also hinted at his party's plans for the country if Swanu is elected to power, advocating for the establishment of a technical centre in every region to allow the country to develop the technical skills of its citizenry in line with developmental needs.
“Every one of the country's 14 regions should have a technical school. We need to seriously start considering vocational training as the way to go if the country intends to realise its developmental needs as outlined in Vision 2030,” Maamberua said.
Otjinene residents will go to the polls on 29 August 2014 to elect a town council for the newly proclaimed town, which is situated 160 kilometres north of Gobabis in the Omaheke Region.