Olufuko promotes national identity and pride: Pohamba

22 Aug 2014 17:00pm
OUTAPI, 22 AUG (NAMPA) - President Hifikepunye Pohamba says the Olufuko Festival complements the government’s campaign to promote a national identity and national pride among Namibians.
He said this on Friday during the opening of the third annual Olufuko Festival under the theme “Culture: Our heritage, our culture”.
Pohamba said the festival is a community initiative which creates a platform for the promotion of cultural values.
“By re-enacting some of the cultural practices of the past, it reminds our people how our forefathers and foremothers conducted their lives. There are many positive lessons we can learn from these past practices while remaining aware of the realities of modern society,” said the Head of State.
He noted that traditions and modern technologies have become an inevitable reality of times, and can indeed co-exist.
However, Pohamba said there is a need to find effective strategies which will enable people to harness and benefit from modern technologies, while remaining true and faithful to the traditional values and foundations that can serve as an anchor for building a better Namibia.
“The world is changing fast and people, especially the youth, are exposed to a wide variety of information. While the availability of information and instant communication are welcome developments, we should be mindful that some of the information that our young people have access to through television, Internet and social media, could be potentially harmful,” he noted.
The president then urged parents to make it their responsibility to always inculcate and teach children whenever they are confronted by challenging situations.
Pohamba said without a solid grounding and solid upbringing, young people could be ‘swept away’ by some negative aspects of recent developments.
The festival started on Wednesday, and ends on Monday.
Its objectives are to inform, educate, and entertain with a view towards appreciating and enhancing traditional and cultural identity.
The festival is also aimed at creating tourism opportunities; enhancing the purpose of unity among people; creating awareness within the region through culture, arts and agricultural activities; and strengthening the local and regional economy.