Oshakati Town Council engages residents in PPD

22 Aug 2014 13:30pm
OSHAKATI, 22 AUG (NAMPA) - The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Oshakati Town Council, Werner Iita says the construction of the town's Omatala Open Market is 98 per cent completed.
Iita said this during a Public-Private Dialogue (PPD) which the Oshakati Town Council hosted on Wednesday.
This was the third PPD to be held at Oshakati, and its main objective was following up on the priority areas of development identified during the first and second PPD held in November 2013 and in February this year, respectively.
The PPD was introduced to identify the actions which both parties (the town council and its residents) would undertake in order to enhance the economic development of Oshakati, create a conducive environment for the growth of the local economy, and to alleviate poverty.
The development of the new Omatala Open Market was one of the development areas identified during the first two PPD platforms.
The tenants of the old open market, Iita said, would be relocated to the new Omatala Open Market in the near future.
Without disclosing the identity of the would-be the owner, he said the old open market site would be turned into a huge, luxurious development that would rival the Wernhil Park Shopping Centre in Windhoek.
“We are busy servicing the land within our town boundaries, especially for residential and industrial development. Owners of 20 traditional homesteads have been recently compensated at Ompumbu village to make way for housing development,” Iita charged.
Ompumbu is situated north-west of Oshakati and members of its community are as yet to be provided with serviced land and other municipal services.
According to Iita, an industrial area will be developed at the Othingo village west of the town.
He told those who participated in the PPD that progress has been recorded in the development of residential areas at the Ehenye, Ekuku and Onendongo villages.