Grassroots Slam Poetry – A Poetry Workshop and Performance

August 15, 2014, 11:27am
Friday, 19 September, 19h00
FNCC Cinema
Price: Free Entry
For a 2nd consecutive year, aspiring poets have the opportunity to dip their feet in the water of verbal arts through a poetry slam workshop created for school learners, taking place from 15th the 19th .
After the successful initiation of the project in 2013, local artists Dimitri Marvin & Sheena Schwartz are teaming up once again to introduce primary and high school students to the art  of slam poetry over a 5-day workshop at the FNCC this September. Addressing social issues relevant to the youth, the workshop participants will be trained in expressing themselves through poetry and presenting their efforts to the public on the last day of the workshop. Special mentorship and a performance will be given by Erna Chimu, 2014 Best Female Artist, NAMA Awards.
Avec Erna Chimu comme marraine de choix, qui a recu l’Award Namibien (NAMA) de la meilleure chanteuse 2014, les jeunes collégiens et lycéens du Grassroots Slam Poetry Project auront à cœur de découvrir l’univers de la poésie. Un spectacle au CCFN conclura leur  semaine d’ateliers.
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