August 14, 2014, 5:32pm

NAMSOV’s Economic Contribution


NamSov created employment for 664 individuals. 264 of these employees are seconded to Trachurus, a joint-venture company managed by NAMSOV.  NAMSOV remains the biggest employer of seaman in Namibia, with 160 Namibian onshore employees and 290 Namibian crew.  400 of its crew are recruited from foreign countries.


It is worth noting that:


All our companies own and operate their own vessels in the different sectors of the industry as well as the shore based operational premises which are well suited for our needs.

·       NAMSOV was the first to introduce Namibian crew on the midwater trawl vessels.

·       NAMSOV is the biggest provider of placement opportunities to NAMFI cadets for sea time training in the industry.

·       NAMSOV is the only company to have brought in foreign trainers to design, compile and then conduct industry specific training to the midwater trawl industry.

·       The NAMSOV Community Trust has contributed more than N$40 million to the upliftment of the people of Namibia and their communities.

·       NAMSOV’s low production costs enables it to provide fish to more than 3 million that live on a budget of Usd1 per day per family have financial access to nutritional tasty fish.