August 14, 2014, 10:14am


Cllr. John Moonde on behalf of the Mayor

Good Evening.

On behalf of the City of Windhoek, It is my distinct honour and privilege to express our sincere gratitude to you all for being part of this remarkable event of launching the Windhoek Jazz Festival 2014. I am indeed privileged to warmly welcome you all here tonight.

Music is indeed a universal language that can unite people across cultures. Its unifying power could be attested, when the Windhoek Jazz Festival last year attracted about 5000 spectators from all walks of life, who assembled at the Hage Geingob Stadium to enjoy the festival. Jazz music in its various genres in Namibia has indeed proven to be a growing brand of which many of us are able to relate to.

The hosting of the Windhoek Jazz Festival continues to significantly contribute to elevating Windhoek’s status as a vibrant City, both culturally and artistically. It is also important to note that due to its increasing magnitude and evolution of the event, there is significant scope for the involvement of more stakeholders as it develops into a truly noteworthy Windhoek event. The Windhoek Jazz Festival is truly owned by the Namibian people and by Windhoek residents in particular.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In a few minutes we will be announcing the much awaited international and local acts that will grace our stage this year as selected by independent and tested judges. I am informed that, this year’s selection was a challenging one due to the fact that, it is always very difficult to select the best out of the best.

It therefore gives me great pleasure to be with you this afternoon to officially launch the 2014 Windhoek Jazz Festival, which will take place on the 15th of November 2014 at the Hage Geingob Stadium. I am confident that together we can ensure that the event continues to grow bigger and better.


I would like to make use of this opportunity to specially thank all the stakeholders, particularly the Jazz Organising Committee and sponsors such as Old Mutual, Windhoek Lager, Ad Force, Air Namibia, 99 FM, National Arts Council of Namibia, Jameson and DB Audio for their immense altruistic contribution. While contributions may vary from organization to organization, their significance remains of equal importance.


Last but not least, Ladies and Gentlemen


Please allow me to extend a special vote of thanks to all members of the Windhoek Jazz Festival Organising Committee for their firm commitment and unwavering dedication to this noble course, and to emphasize our commitment to this event and confirm our commitment to ensure that the event improves and grows each year.


With these few remarks, ladies and gentlemen, it is now my honour to declare the Windhoek Jazz Festival 2014 officially launched.


I thank you.



This is the moment that we all have been waiting for:


AND the International Artists is: Freshly grounds


THE Local Artists are, in no particular order:


Mr. Bones,




Big Ben,




We are fortune to have the Female artists of the year, Erna Chimu to perform at this year’s 2014 Windhoek Jazz Festival as a guest artist.


I thank you

The speech was read by Cllr. John Moonde on the Mayor's behalf