12 Jul 2013 11:19

LIMA, July 9 (BERNAMA-NNN-ANDINA) -- In Sunday's elections, voters in the Lima district of Cañete used an electronic voting system that proved efficient.

According to statements given to Andina, participants took only 30 seconds to complete the entire voting process. It is simple and efficient, allowing the results to be released more quickly.

The head of the Office of Electoral Processes said that Pacarán, Cañete is an example of the future of voting in Peru, reported quoting Andina news agency.

“We congratulate the population of Pacarán that participated in this day of democracy: using new technologies, such as the electronic vote, allows the voting process to be more secure and flexible, today showed us that we can use technological innovations that the world is currently using.”

Non-electronic elections also took place throughout Peru on Sunday.

According to El Comercio, there were 119 district mayors and 471 councillors up for election in different regions across the country such as Tacna, Trujillo, Puno, Pisco and Ica.