NamPol confiscates counterfeit items at Opuwo

13 Aug 2014 11:40am
OPUWO, 13 AUG (NAMPA) – The Namibian Police in the Kunene Region on Tuesday impounded illegal fake goods from shops in Opuwo valued at N.dollars 350 000.
On what was the second day of a three-day joint patrol at the town, members of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol), Customs and Excise as well as Immigration officials also impounded seven vehicles which were imported into the country without proper documentation.
Five illegal immigrants - four male Angolan nationals and a Chinese woman – were arrested as well.
The joint patrol started on Monday, and is expected to wound up on Wednesday.
Speaking at the NamPol head office in Opuwo where the confiscated goods were displayed, NamPol’s Deputy Regional Commander for Kunene, Deputy Commissioner James Nderura praised the team for a job well done.
He warned members of the community to stop being ignorant of Namibian laws as it is not an excuse for them to break the law.
This was in reference to some members of the community who buy motor-vehicles in other countries, but are not in possession of the proper import permits.
Two of the vehicles impounded were imported without import permits, while others had been in the country for longer than the 21 days allowed to be in the country without permits.
Another one of the impounded vehicles had come from Japan and was supposed to go to Botswana, but was being kept in Opuwo without the proper documentation.
Amongst the other items confiscated were counterfeit nappies, shoes, clothes and caps and bags.
Nderura said such patrols would be carried out on a regular basis in different towns in the region.
“We want to make Kunene a crime-free region, and that is our motto,” he stressed.
The impounded vehicles will be returned to the owners once they provide the proper documentation from the Ministry of Finance’s Customs department, where they will be required to pay import tax.
They will also have to prove to the police that the vehicles were cleared by the police from the country of origin in order for the vehicles to be registered in Namibia.