12 Jul 2013 11:19
KUALA LUMPUR, July 9(Bernama) -- Denver, Colorado based entertainment company Gravity Collection has acquired the thirteen episode television series, titled, "Nine Lives," which showcases the world class adventure and extreme athlete Mark Visser. The series will cast an energetic eye on behind the scenes movements and events that make up the thrilling Nine Lives series, which includes Night Rider, Deep Blue and Skysurfer. Created by RJMEDIA'S Richard Scotts, the series follows the action sport athlete Mark Visser and equally fearless camera crew as they journey to remote locations and giant surf, including riding JAWS at night in Maui, Hawaii. The pilot will be directed by Scotts with financing through Gravity Collection. Gravity Collection's Harry S. Vested, Jr. and RJMEDIA's Richard Scotts will act as series Executive Producers. Established in 2005, Gravity Collection, Inc., has amassed an outstanding library of content in the extreme sport genre and is one of the largest content providers of action sports content. This strategic acquisition provides Gravity Collection with another Original Series that peers into the high-action lifestyle of water sport activities. Notes Vested, "RJMEDIA's Scotts and his adventurous crew are not afraid of putting themselves into life threatening situations and with 'Nine Lives' we know they are going to be putting it all on the line. This is exciting television." Adds Scotts, "We are confident that 'Nine Lives' will not only appeal to those in the action sports space but also mainstream viewers looking for an adventurous escape. With Harry S. Vested, Jr., and the Gravity Collection team we are not tied to pushing a traditional train wreck reality show, but given the flexibility focusing on exciting characters and story telling." About RJMEDIA RJMEDIA is a Sydney Australia-based Entertainment Company focused on a broad range of content creation opportunities in digital media, commercial production, live events, film and television. With unique structural and operational independence, RJMEDIA teams with local producers, global distribution partners, and finance sources to launch each venture. RJMEDIA's experienced in-house team is talented in multiple genres, formats, and the latest technology. The company's client list includes a wide range of industry leaders within their respective categories. About Gravity Collection Gravity Collection, Inc., a digital media company, was established in 2005, where it began aggregating content in the action sports genre. Since this time, Gravity Collection, Inc., has amassed an outstanding library and is one of the largest content providers of action sports, cross-secting all disciplines such as skiing, snowboarding, motocross, BMX, skateboarding, surfing, mountain biking, B.A.S.E. jumping, hang gliding, wind surfing, rock climbing, kite surfing and much, much more. The Company has approximately 2,000 hours of content under its control in its library. The goal of the networks founders is to create widespread channels of distribution across all media (traditional linier, VOD, PVOD, on-line, wireless, etc.), with programming drawn exclusively from the extreme adrenaline action sports genre, which has consistently delivered a broad audience, with a particular heavy appeal to the hard-to-reach Men/Adults 18-34, which was launched in 2011. The Company has entered into strategic partnerships with numerous Fortune 100 Companies to provide encoded and encrypted content for commercial exploitation as well as produced or co-produced numerous film and television content. The Company growth over the next six to twelve months will clearly establish it to be the leading aggregator in the action sports vertical. SOURCE: Gravity Collection, Inc. CONTACT: Gravity Collection, Inc. Tel: 303.517.6911 --BERNAMA