My campaign was very clean: Geingob

08 Aug 2014 18:30pm
ONYAANYA, 08 AUG (NAMPA) – The Prime Minister, Dr Hage Geingob said his campaign for the Swapo-Party vice-president position, which he eventually won during the party’s elective congress last year, was fair and clean.
Geingob said this on Thursday at Onyaanya settlement in the Oshikoto Region in his response to a Swapo-Party member of that region’s Oniipa District leadership, Eddy Kapembe, who posed a question related to the said congress.
Kapembe wanted to know why action was not taken by the party’s leadership against certain members whom he said falsely accused him shortly after the congress of being part of the group that allegedly wanted to have Geingob assassinated.
According to Kapembe, it is the policy of the Swapo-Party for action to be taken against members involved in blackmailing or in smear campaigns against fellow comrades.
He says it is unfair that the party took no action to reprimand his Oniipa District comrades who openly accused him of planning to kill Geingob, but who failed to provide evidence to support their accusations.
Instead of directly responding to his question, Geingob wanted to know if Kapembe has heard of some Swapo-Party members arguing that the party has been sold out to the “Kwankaras” after he won the position.
The word is said to be a derogatory term used to refer to Nama, Damara or San people and means someone with nothing.
Kapembe did not confirm that he was aware of this and preferred to remain silent.
Geingob said the other two then contestants for the vice-president position, who were Youth, National Service, Sport and Culture Minister Jerry Ekandjo and Home Affairs and Immigration Minister Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana, have accepted the congress outcome.
He however believes some of those who supported Ekandjo or Iivula-Ithana during the vice-presidential race have not accepted the outcome of the congress and at the same time apparently started telling others that the party has been given away to “Kwankaras”.
Kapembe has previously told this news agency that he was falsely accused of planning to assassinate Geingob simply because he supported Iivula-Ithana for the position of vice-president.
“I asked why no action was taken against those who are blackmailing other comrades just for him (Geingob), as our leader, to give a unifying answer for all of us to forget the different opinions we had during the campaign for vice-president position,” he told Nampa in a telephonic interview on Friday.
Geingob was at Onyaanya to consult members of the Swapo-Party in the Oshikoto Region on party-related issues and, as such, Kapembe felt it was a relevant platform also to address his concern.
The chairperson of the Swapo-Party national leaders assigned to the Oshikoto Region, Dr Nickey Iyambo, also attended the Onyaanya Swapo-Party regional consultative meeting.