'I have not sold the mayoral chain': Gobabis Mayor

06 Aug 2014 17:00pm
GOBABIS, 06 AUG (NAMPA) - The mayor of Gobabis, Sila Bezuidenhoudt has refuted media allegations that she has pawned the mayoral chain of the town of Gobabis.
In an interview with Nampa on Wednesday, Bezuidenhoudt said allegations that she was being investigated by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) because she has sold the mayoral chain are devoid of any truth and were made intentionally to dent her public image.
A local daily newspaper last week ran an article in which it quoted anonymous sources as saying the mayor has sold the chains at an undisclosed amount for personal gain.
Bezuidenhoudt said she has only lost the name plate attached to the chain, and not the entire chain as alleged in the article.
“I have only lost the name plate and not the chains as you can see. I really cannot recall how the name plate got lost, but I suspect that it must have unhooked during an official function where I had the chain on,” she said.
She alleged that she was being intentionally targeted by people who do not like her.
The mayor in May this year had her husband, Kobus Bezuidenhoudt, locked up after she launched a case of assault against him.
Bezuidenhoudt alleges that her adversaries are using the fact that she is going through a divorce to tarnish her name by making up rumours that cannot be justified.
“Why must I sell something that is not mine? That chain belongs to the Gobabis Town Council and is not my personal possession. No one in his right mind would even buy it if it was for sale by someone like me,” she said.
She challenged anyone with documentary proof of where she has allegedly sold the chain, to come forward and present such proof.
“I am really hurt by these allegations. It is already too much for me that I am dealing with the marriage crisis, now I have to deal with such petty things as these allegations,” said Bezuidenhoudt.
The news of the alleged pawned mayoral chain spread like wildfire in Gobabis, with many questioning the mayor's credibility in the face of such allegations.