DTA Youth League to recruit 5 000 volunteers before elections

05 Aug 2014 14:40pm
WINDHOEK, 05 AUG (NAMPA) - The DTA of Namibia Youth League says it has decided to recruit 5 000 volunteers from all over the country as part of its campaign strategy to win the national elections in November this year.
The youth league’s Secretary-General (SG), Bensen Katjirijova told Nampa in an interview on Monday 50 young people have been recruited since last week.
The 5 000 volunteers will be responsible for encouraging voters to vote for the DTA via phone calls, by conducting word of mouth campaigns, and by publicising background information on the party’s presidential candidate.
“We have to look at a different campaign this year as plans to increase the size of Parliament from 72 to 96 and National Council (NC) from 26 to 42 members are on the cards. We have to work twice as hard this year, with a different strategy which incorporates volunteers,” he explained.
Presidential Affairs Minister Albert Kawana tabled the Namibian Constitution Third Amendment Bill of 2014 in Parliament last Thursday, under which the National Assembly (NA) will get an additional 24 members, while the NC gets 16 new members.
Katjirijova further noted that he has no doubt the strategy will be a success as the President of the United States (US), Barack Obama’s election campaign was highly effective in getting out the vote with this strategy.
“If we do not involve people in our campaigns, we undermine the very reason for campaigns,” the DTA Youth League SG stressed.
The youth league is expected to hold its Central Committee (CC) meeting in mid-September this year, just before the party’s electoral college later in the same month, where nominations to elect members to represent the party in Parliament will be done.
The party is also expected to endorse McHenry Venaani as its presidential candidate during the Electoral College.