Public should elect executive governors for regions: Venaani

27 Jul 2014 15:00pm
OPUWO, 27 JUL (NAMPA) – DTA of Namibia president McHenry Venaani has called on Government to allow communities at regional level to elect an executive governor instead of “imposing” governors on such communities.
Venaani was speaking at a DTA meeting held at Epupa last Sunday.
He said the appointment of governors by the President resembles the old, colonial system whereby commissioners who ran the regions for the colonial government were imposed on people.
“The Kunene Region is being ruled by a coalition of DTA and the United Democratic Front (UDF) and as such, they are the parties that have to select their governors from the leaders available,” he noted.
The Swapo-Party’s Joshua //Hoebeb is currently the governor of the Kunene Region.
Venaani said //Hoebeb has been forced on the leadership of the DTA-UDF coalition, while Swapo “does not have political legitimacy to rule in Kunene”.
Out of the six constituencies in the Kunene Region, only one (Outjo) is run by a Swapo councillor. UDF holds the majority in three constituencies - Kamanjab, Khorixas, and Sesfontein - while DTA runs regional capital Opuwo and Epupa.
Since 1991, governors were selected from among the councillors elected to run the constituencies in a particular region.
In 2011, the Swapo-Party used its two-thirds majority in Parliament to rush through the Special Advisors and Regional Governors Appointment Bill, which gave the President the power to appoint regional governors.