Airbus A330 resumes operation at HKIA

25 Jul 2014 17:00

The Namibia Airports Company (NAC) confirms that Airbus A330 flights at the Hosea Kutako

International Airport (HKIA) have resumed with the authorisation by the Directorate of Civil

Aviation (DCA) with regard to Airport Rescue and Fire-fighting (ARFF) Category.

NAC communication officer Dan Kamati says in a statement “this is after Air Namibia on

Thursday undertook the risk assessment to determine the safe operations of their aircrafts,

including the Airbus at HKIA which was successful. The process involved and involves

assessing the fire-fighting capacity of the Airport and Air Namibia was satisfied with the

standards and DCA subsequently authorised its operations. ”

He adds that “South African Airways on Friday morning carried out their risk assessment too

and after being satisfied, are in the processing of requesting for approval as well. SAA and

Air Namibia are the only Airlines at HKIA who operates Airbuses A330.

The NAC has been granted 15 days to rectify all operational issues as identified by the

International Civil Aviation organisation (ICAO) and remains confident of meeting these


NAC remains committed to management and developing safe and secure airports with due

consideration to the interest of our stakeholders.

HKIA remains operational as the flagship airport of Namibia and the gateway to the rest of

the world.