Nam recording high cancer cases

22 Jul 2014 16:00

Namibia records 3092 new cancer cases per year with 1432 being

male patients while female patients make up 1660.

Statistics also show that 80% are mostly palliative care.

Skin cancer is recorded to be the highest cancer in Namibia from the

year 2006 through to 2012, the highest cases recorded being 520 out

of 600 in 2008.

Speaking at the ongoing Cancer Conference in Windhoek Dr. Naftali

Hamata said “In 2012 the number of skin cancer cases reduced

from 520 out of 600 in 2008 to 390 in 2012 although skin cancer still

remains the highest”.

In 2006 breast cancer recorded about 230 out of 600 but the number

doubled to about 470 and fluctuated 290.

In order for prevention and early detection, Hamata said that their

current programs involve a Non-Communicable Diseases Programme

in the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MOHSS) collaborating

with Partners.

“MOHSS and the Cancer Association of Namibia are promoting

awareness & prevention Information, Education and Communication

using mediums such as the radio; Television and Information


Adding that, “There has been an implementation of the Tobacco

Product Control Act and other Acts and Regulations that control

hazardous / carcinogenic substances.”

Other programs include the HPV vaccine roll-out, “Which was

approved in principle”, Pap smear and Breast Self-Examination and

the Champions of cancer awareness & prevention to mention a few.

Hamata however said they are facing challenges such as creating

community awareness on cancer prevention & control, “and

improving efficiency of histological analysis of specimens (i.e. pap

smear, biopsies, etc.) and ensuring availability of skills among HCW &

improving staffing at all levels within the Health System” he said.