12 Jul 2013 11:19

KUALA LUMPUR, July 8 (Bernama) -- Dassault Aviation, the Rafale multirole fighter aircraft manufacturer, today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB) and Sri Jentayu Sdn Bhd to jointly explore opportunities in the development of the Malaysian natural fibre and biocomposite industry.

The MoU was signed after the Rafale for Malaysia - Business Opportunity seminar in Johor, Dassault Aviation said in a statement issued today.

"This MoU paves the way for future implementation agreement upon identification and completion of a feasibility study on the determined fields or projects.

"The three partners will actively play a role to enrich and support the development of advanced green composite industry in Malaysia," said Programme Director of Rafale Malaysia Daniel Fremont.

In the framework of the MoU, Sri Jentayu will be working closely with Dassault Aviation and MTIB to develop the best advanced green composite materials according to applications.

MTIB will be the authority on quality and standards compliance, providing test facilities and certifying the performance of the advanced green composite products.

Dassault Aviation, MTIB and Sri Jentayu will explore possible cooperation in the development of green products or components using natural fibres, especially in the field of aerospace advanced green composites.

One potential area of application in aeronautical parts manufacturing is for the interior finishings of business jets produced by Dassault.

The MoU also involves an opportunity for technology transfer and human capital development, which may engage various partners such as universities, industries and research and development laboratories from France and Malaysia.

The Centre of Excellence for Advanced Green Composites which is being established by MTIB to be the focal point and the one-stop centre in research, technology, related human capital development and pre-commercialisation activities of advanced green composite, also receives a boost.

This centre will be jointly managed by Sri Jentayu and the Fibre and Biocomposite Development Centre under MTIB.

Dassault said it is prepared to be the advisory partner for applications of biocomposites in the aerospace industry, and will also activate its network amongst French and European industrial firms, such as those in the automotive industry, to promote partnership and develop commercial business in the promotion of advanced green composite material use.

Dassault Aviation is a leading aerospace and defence company, which together with its partners Snecma (Safran Group) and Thales, form Rafale International.