Alleged rapists awaiting PG's decision in September 2014

18 Jul 2014 17:00pm
WINDHOEK, 18 JUL (NAMPA) - A decision by the Office of the Prosecutor-General on the case of two students charged with raping a teenage girl at a house party here in August 2012, will be made public on 05 September this year.
This was publicly announced by Public Prosecutor Kandiwapa Nangombe when the two accused students made another appearance before Windhoek Magistrate Erich Eduard Kessalu along Luderitz Street here on Thursday afternoon.
The two accused students are Sebulon Katamba Nghimtina, 19, and 20-year-old Benjamin Mandume Imalwa.
The two young men's alleged rape case was on Thursday finally remanded until 05 September 2014 in order to allow the Office of the Prosecutor-General to pronounce itself on the matter.
They are each facing a charge of rape.
Earlier reports carried by the local English daily 'The Namibian' newspaper had it that the two accused persons told Windhoek Magistrate Ruth Herunga during the hearing of their formal bail application on 23 August 2012 that they had consensual sexual intercourse with the complainant in the matter.
At the time Nghimtina was a first-year student at the University of Namibia, and Imalwa in Grade 12 at a private school in Windhoek.
Both accused persons said they only know the first name of the complainant.
They told the court during their bail bid that they met the complainant at a get-together-party at a house in Katutura, where the alleged rape incident later took place.
Imalwa testified that the complainant allegedly made a pass at him by putting her hand into his trousers when they were having a conversation next to a fire at the house.
They then moved away to a more secluded spot, and had consensual intercourse, he said.
He denied that witnesses had seen him pushing the complainant into a room.
Imalwa also told the court that he had been drinking that evening, but added that he still knew what he was doing.
The complainant, too, had allegedly been drinking, but did not appear to him to be drunk.
Nghimtina said the evening in question was the first time he had seen and talked to the complainant.
He said he made a polite proposal to her, in English, and when she agreed to it they went to a bedroom where they had sexual intercourse.
He denied that the teenage girl was screaming for help while they were in the room, and that this attracted the attention of witnesses who then found them there.
Nghimtina confirmed that police officers arrested him at the house where the incident had taken place that same evening. He was released on Sunday, and was then arrested again on Wednesday.
Windhoek-based defence lawyers - Kalundu Kamwi and Kadhila Amoomo - represented the two accused young men during their appearance in court on Thursday.
Imalwa and Nghimtina are free on bail of N.dollars 2 000 each, which was granted at the end of the hearing of their formal bail application.