SSC pays out N$50m in three months

17 Jul 2014 17:00

The Social Security Commission has paid out more than N$50m in the first quarter of 2014

and processed more than 10 000 claims. This includes maternity leave, sick leave, death

benefits, retirement as well as compensation and medical. Compared to the same period last

year approximately N$5m more has been paid out, while the number of claims decreased

slightly with 311.

The biggest bulk of pay-outs has been for maternity leave which amounted to N$ 37 095 138

compared to N$ 32 040 808 over the same period last year. In second place are sick benefit

pay-outs of N$ 4,427 757 (2013: N$ 4 308 689) and thirdly retirement pay-outs amounting to

N$ 3 369 900 (2013: N$ 3 650, 930).

SSC finance manager, Jan Swartz says “The increase in pay-outs is a sign that the public

understands the purpose of and benefits offered by the Commission and the Commission fulfils

its mandate of improving the welfare on the Namibian population. I believe the increase, in

particularly, sick leave benefits, death and retirement benefits paid out to members is a sign

that members know more about the benefits SCC is offering” .