RATOSA to be restructured

16 Jul 2014 18:00

The Deputy Minister of Environment and Tourism, Pohamba Shifeta Ministers responsible for Tourism in SADC, have decided to restructure the Regional Tourism Organisation of Southern Africa, RETOSA.

“It is not our desire to destroy RETOSA but rather to restructure it” said Shifeta.

Shifeta also stated that as Tourism Ministers have the mandate and responsibility to successfully implement the SADC Protocol on Tourism Development. “To deliver on this mandate, it was our idea to have effective regional tourism instruments and structures for implementation of regionals tourism programs,” he said.

According to Shifeta, they have jointly agreed to establish RETOSA as an efficient and effective regional tourism development agent.

“We have submitted our proposal to the SADCC Council who agreed to it and it was approved by Summit” he said.

Shifeta also added that they gave a mandate to the RETOSA Board to run the affairs of the organisation and also hire senior officials.

He added that if the RETOSA board is not delivering on its mandate effectively and efficiently, it will result in the Ministers of Tourism to also not deliver on their mandate effectively and efficiently.

“In 2012 we made a decision that we need to restructure the organization. Our subsequent meetings of Maputo and Livingstone have considered the best means for the tourism sector to successfully implement its mandate of an integrated regional tourism development” said Shifeta.

He added, “In our meeting in Livingstone we discussed we directed the Board to consider and make recommendations back to us on the successful implementation of our decision on the restructuring of RETOSA.”