Police deliberating crime investigations at Swakop

16 Jul 2014 17:40pm
SWAKOPMUND, 16 JUL (NAMPA) - Members of the Namibian Police Criminal Investigation Directorate (CID) are attending a five-day conference here to deliberate on issues related to criminal investigations in the country.
Officiating at the conference on Wednesday, Minister of Safety and Security, Immanuel Ngatjizeko said the main aim of the meeting is to strategise how to efficiently and effectively investigate criminal cases.
Other objectives of the conference are to identify best practices aimed at enhancing regional police cooperation; fight cross border crimes; and share best practices with key stakeholders in the administration of justice.
Ngatjizeko further explained that the conference will revise ways and means on how to implement resolutions of previous conferences such as the senior commanders’ conference of 2013.
It will further discuss how to implement resolutions from the 2014 National Conference on Gender-Based Violence, CID consultative meeting of 2012 as well as the workshop on case docket management of 2011.
The minister advised participants to look at the compensation and promotion of investigators and heads of investigations’ departments based on performance.
This statement seemed to have caused excitement among the participants who burst into applause.
“If a person is performing beyond expectations then they must be promoted or remunerated accordingly. I think we must find ways to make sure hardworking officers are promoted and paid more, instead of promoting people simply because they have been in the force for long,” he said.
He noted that police officers, especially investigators of criminal cases, must be shown that if they are not delivering, then there will be no promotion.
“Those lazy ones who are sitting there just waiting for promotion, can just forget it, they will remain constables,” said the minister.
He further said the police must make sure that unlawful detention of citizens does not take place anymore, saying all facts must be verified before any detention, as this cost Government a lot of money, and it is unfair.
“Let us also make sure that the investigators have enough resources available to them to complete their duties, because lack of resources will hamper progress. Human resource management is also crucial to ensure efficiency,” Ngatjizeko remarked.
The event is organised by the Ministry of Safety and Security and is attended by heads of criminal investigations departments from Windhoek, regional crime investigations’ coordinators, forensic investigators and social workers in that ministry.
About 50 officials are attending the conference including Deputy Inspector-General of Operations in the Namibian Police Force, Major-General Vilho Nghifidaka, and Head of CID, Commissioner Nicholas Endjala.