Bullet Cultural Group to award bursaries to best learners

14 Jul 2014 18:10pm
OPUWO, 14 JUL (NAMPA) - Five members of the Bullet Cultural Group received two-year bursaries to study music in Brazil next year at the State University of Campinas, a public university in the state of São Paulo, Brazil.
The group's marketing manager, Zox Kandjii said the bursaries were sponsored by the chairperson of the Brazil Carnival Festival, Fernando Aspicuelta through the Brazilian Embassy in Namibia.
The scholarships follow the group’s performances in Brazil, where the Football World Cup concluded on Sunday.
The eight-member group represented Namibia on the cultural entertainment side of the World Cup, and did the same when the football showpiece was held in neighbouring South Africa in 2010.
Bullet performs Oviritje music and dance in OvaHimba attire. They sing about various topics, including the importance of education.
The group returned home on 30 June, and will officially be welcomed back to Opuwo with a ceremony planned at the Alpha village, situated about 15 kilometres south of Opuwo on Friday this week.
Following their gains in Brazil, the group has now opted to do the same here, by sponsoring the four best-performing learners in Opuwo with one-year bursaries to pay for their higher education.
Four schools have been identified - Mureti Secondary School, Putuavanga Secondary School, Kameru Junior Primary and Opuwo Primary School.
Bullet will pay the hostel fees of the two best-performing primary school learners for one year.
Bullet’s manager, Masatu Thom told Nampa on Monday that Bullet will perform at each of those schools before the announcement of the bursaries.
He said the decision to award study bursaries is to prove that Oviritje music has a future in Namibia and elsewhere, and is not only performed by those who are “academically unfortunate”.
Thom said some people think Oviritje music is not an art, does not have a future, and destroys the education progress of people who join Oviritje groups as singers and/or dancers.
“There is also a myth that most artists who sing Oviritje music are school drop-outs,” he said.
Meanwhile, a football tournament will take place during the group’s welcome-back ceremony on Friday.
It is worth N.dollars 30 000, and 18 teams have already confirmed their participation.