Govt hides inadequacies behind veil of history: Mudge

12 Jul 2014 17:40pm
WINDHOEK, 12 JUL (NAMPA) - Namibia's democracy has reached a mature age, but the government finds it hard to shake off its mantle of being a revolutionary freedom fighter, Republican Party (RP) president Henk Mudge says.
Speaking at the one-day RP congress in Windhoek on Saturday, Mudge said the government still has to grasp the responsibilities and accountability embedded in a properly functioning democracy.
“It still prefers to hide its inadequacies behind a veil of history, blaming the past, and that is wrong,” he told more than 300 participants at the congress.
He described the government as the ruling elite rewarding itself and its cohorts with wealth and “pats on the back”.
“The government still views its unbridled use of tax monies and other resources as entitlement. It still prefers to appoint incompetent persons to key positions in government and parastatals, not based on merit, but on political affiliation,” said Mudge, who on several occasions called for his party not to field a presidential candidate and to instead rally behind Swapo-Party presidential candidate Hage Geingob.
Namibians are going to polls in November this year to elect the country's President and Members of Parliament.
“This government is still in a revolutionary mode and frankly struggles to come out of the blocks and make the transition to a responsible and above all, accountable government for the benefit of all Namibians,” said Mudge.
He then called on the RP supporters to vote against corruption, self-interest of the ruling elite, incompetence, squandering of taxpayers' hard-earned money and exclusion in the upcoming elections.
He then called on them to vote for better health care, education and sound financial discipline.