New Blood at Novel and Land Rover Pre-owned

08 Jul 2014 17:00

Novel and Land Rover Pre-owned have added Jaco Engelbrecht and

Leon Van Wyk as their new faces to their ranks.

Engelbrecht will be running the new Land Rover Pre-Owned Division

whilst Van Wyk joins an experienced team at Novel Pre-Owned.

Both recruits are well entrenched in the motoring industry and have

over 25 years’ experience selling pre-owned vehicles.

Engelbrecht has been entrusted with maintaining the international

standard for the Land Rover Pre-Owned brand at Novel.

“I love new challenges and I see fantastic opportunities for Land

Rover customers to look to Land Rover Pre-Owned for quality

vehicles and great customer care,” said Engelbrecht who brings 21

years’ experience to his new role at Novel Motor Company.

At Novel Pre-Owned, Leon Van Wyk joins a well-established division

within Novel Motor Company. With six years ’experience in pre-
owned sales, Van Wyk sees only growth for his career with this

move, “I see many opportunities here,” he said, “the stock range

vehicles is bigger and better, with excellent quality and Novel has

a proven track record in the motoring industry. I am excited to be